Transport frame

In 2014 ZRE Katowice has produced a transport frame which is used on the drilling platform, affixed to the device for transporting cargo between source position and  destination position with  fixed crane device. The weight  of the frame  approx. 4 700 kilos.

Spooling device

ZRE Katowice company has produced 2 types of spooling devices with skids manufactured with high-strength steel (HARDOX 450). Weight of elements is approx. 3500 kilos each. Execution of elements was under DNV supervision and regulations. Anticorrosive protection was made according to NORSOK M-501 with FROSIO supervision.

Spooling devices are dedicated to maneuver the wire rope and keep proper line tension. Equipment can be mechanically, hydraulically or electrically driven.  Spooling devices are the additional equipment for winches which are installed on Platform Supply Vessel (PSV).

Winch drums

In years 2011-2015 ZRE Katowice has manufactured over 15 winch drums  with various line pulls ranging: 18,5T, 250T, 400T and 600T. Weight of executed elements was from 10 up to 100 tons and diameters up to 4000mm. Winches are installed on PSV or different type of vessels. The constructions were executed under DNV supervision and regulations. Anticorrosive protection was made according to NORSOK M-501. The maximum thickness of rolled plate was 170 mm.


In 2014 ZRE Katowice company has manufactured a piping element named S-pipe. It is a safety valve through which mixture of oil and pollutants is flowing. Element executed under ABS supervisions and regulations, according to API 8C. Element has gone through testing  at the pressure of  11 250 psi (776 bars). Main grades used to execute S-pipe: 34CrNiMo6, AISI 3140, AISI 4340, 4130-QT, S355J2G3.

Subsea swivel

In 2014 ZRE Katowice company has made a shot basting, painting and assembly of elements for Subsea Swivel SWL 100T – DL 128T – GA. It is pressure sealed and designed to work in high depths. It can be subjected to the design load from 25 up to 400 T.