Pątnów Project

Location: Pątnów

Deadline: 12.2014

Boilers No. 1 and 2 at the Electric Power Plant in Pątnów undergo thorough upgrade program combined with erection of the system designed to mitigate emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The main contractor that employs ZRE Katowice to complete these jobs is Remak Rozruch from Opole.

The scope of subcontracted jobs includes:

  • disassembling of the combustion chamber with so called heavy furnace lining for boilers No. 1 and 2 and with the system of suspensions;
  • disassembling and reassembling of all auxiliary structures within vicinity of the boilers;
  • installation of the new pressurized part within the system of tight walls and upgrade with revamping to central downgrade tubes.

Currently installation of a combustion chamber together with central downgrade tubes on the boiler No. 1 is in progress. After completion of these jobs ZRE shall commence installation of an afterburning grate.

In parallel, substitution of the steel support structure for the boiler No. 2 is being carried out.

The deadline for completion of works with the boiler No. 1 is scheduled to November 2014, whilst the afterburning grate is expected to be ready in December 2014 and the aforementioned scope of work on the boiler No. 2 is to be completed in December 2014.