CNC Machining


We are specialized in high quality machining of elements, including machining of large-size parts. We are manufacturing details and elements both on the basis of our own documentation and technology and on the basis of documentation supplied by the Customer. We are able to obtain on our CNC machines high repeatability of details and manufacturing accuracy up to hundredth parts of millimetre. They enable quick, precise and highly repeatable manufacturing of parts.

Our offer

Machining on CNC machines is performed in modern stock of machines, on which we are able to machine elements of length up to 21000 mm, width up to 5300 mm, turning diameter 5800 mm and weight up to 100 tonnes.

We are rendering services in the scope of machining:

  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Drilling with full drills
  • Drilling with trepanning tools
  • Fine boring
  • Threading


Our solutions:

We are betting on professionalism and care for every production detail, which enables us to supply highest quality services. Our company is betting on manufacturing of products fulfilling expectations of customers, working on the basis of ISO 9001 norm. We are doing our best to ensure that the quality of rendered services would give you maximum satisfaction with contacts with us.



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Our potential

Planer mill Waldrich – Coburg

  • table length 13000 mm
  • distance between columns 5300 mm
  • distance between table and slide 5000 mm
  • table capacity 100 tonnes

Boring machine Skoda HCW2

  • column traverse: 15 000mm
  • slide vertical travel: 5 000mm
  • slide feed: 1 300mm
  • spindle feed: 1 200mm
  • spindle diameter: 200mm
  • maximum load of machined element: 80 tonnes
  • rotary table, dimension: 2 500mm x 3 000mm
  • bearing capacity of table: 40 tonnes

Boring and turning mill RAFAMET KCI 320

  • table diameter: 3 200 mm
  • max. turning diameter: 4 000 mm
  • max. turning height: 3 000 mm
  • bearing capacity of table: 50 tonnes

Boring and turning mill RAFAMET KCI 500

  • table diameter 5000 mm
  • max. turning diameter 5800 mm
  • max. height of machined object 4000 mm
  • table capacity 80 tonnes

1-column boring machine LAZZATI

  • column traverse 13000 mm
  • vertical travel of fixed headstock 3500 mm
  • maximum weight of machined element 20 tonnes

2-column boring machine LAZZATI

  • otraverse of each column 16000 mm
  • overtical travel of fixed headstock 4500 mm
  • omax. range of both columns 21000 mm

Lathe GEORG KMBB-balancing machine SCHENCK

  • rotors with diameter up to 4200mm, length up to 12000mm and weight up to 100 tonnes

We are offering services in the scope of machining on CNC machines and on conventional machines.


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