Our offer

We are specialized in assemblies of:

  • steam turbines and block generators of all power ranges, of all manufacturers available on the market
  • gas turbines and block generators of all power ranges, of all manufacturers available on the market
  • steam and gas blocks of all manufacturers available on the market

Our offer also includes assembly of:

  • High-, medium- , low-pressure valves and fittings
  • Steam, water, oil, aggressive media pipeline systems, fire protection installations, fastenings incl. design and supply
  • Heat exchangers
  • Recovery heaters
  • High- and low pressure heaters
  • Reducing and cooling stations
  • Water and oil tanks
  • Water and oil pumps
  • Turbine sets and blowers
  • Participation in start-up, trials, tests and test run of assembled turbine sets
  • Assembly of devices and auxiliary systems (pumps, oil tank, oil system, condenser)
  • Assembly of an used turbine set from secondary market, including necessary adaptations and corrections in the new location


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Our Potencial:

Assembly works are performed by excellent trained personnel, having many years of experience gathered during works on construction objects countrywide and abroad.

During assembly works on the object, following tools are used, among others:

  • centering device of company Prüftechnik, geodetic and precise levelling equipment
  • equipment for measurement and analysis of vibration spectrum of Bently-Nevada
  • hydraulic wrenches with large torque,
  • pneumatic wrenches
  • hydraulic equipment for manipulation of the most heavy elements of turbine sets

We have experienced teams of well qualified fitters and welders having UDT and TÜV permits for TIG, MAG, and coated electrode welding.

We are specialized in welding of alloy steel for operation in increased temperatures.

Our own construction teams are performing comprehensive works on scaffolding and insulating and construction works.

Design and technology department of our company is supporting us in preparation and elaboration of technology of complicated assembly operations.



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