Responsible business

ZRE Katowice SA, proves it’s business and social responsibility.

In pursue of this vision we are chose our core values, which include:

  • Reliability,
  • Ability to collaborate with stakeholders,
  • Honesty,
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.

We aim to respond to the needs of our business environment, seeking to link the social duty with the companys’ development strategy. Business responsibility Responsibility is a strategy tool for us, it’s a value which helps us to develop a appropriate angle to approach the business. These values interact with all areas of our business:

Freedom of employment and equal opportunities of development

We give all employees the same conditions of growth and do not use nor support discrimination in hiring, pay, availability of training, promotions staff for senior positions, resolving a contract of employment and retirement, due to gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality trade unions, political opinion, nationality and ethnic origin, religion, disability;

Health and safety

We provide healthy and safe working conditions in all our factories and on all our projects, we take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and health hazards arising from the course of this work;

The role of ZRE Katowice S.A. in society

We recognize the activity in the social sphere as a key factor for sustainable development. We recognize the activity in the social sphere as a key factor for sustainable development. Aiming to make a positive contribution in the economic and environmental sphere,we treat social activity  as a separate foundation of sustainable development. Our wide spectrum of activities, includes charitiy, promoting sports and culture. Under the motto: You can not act globally without acting locally we support the institutions in Silesia.


How does it work? Every year during the ZRE Katowice Bytom Open tennis tournament a charity auction for the TPD (Society of Childrens’ Friends) in Bytom. Its’ protégés have the opportunity to cheer by the Amateur and professional Tournaments, and they receive gifts funded by the Sponsors and our Company.

ZRE Katowice by promoting sport and caring for the  development of the local sport ,have started a cooperation with a fundation „We have talent”. The agreement includes a sponsorship for the tenis player Wojtek Marek, who is a polish junior champion up to 14 and  have many success in international tenis tournaments.

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