Our offer includes realization of assembly works of control and measurement instrument and automation in the scope of:

  • Checking of devices before assembly
  • Mechanical assembly of sensors and measurement converters
  • Assembly and configuration of special and diagnostic measurements of turbines and other rotary machines
  • Assembly of accounting systems of heat and mass, also including systems requiring approval
  • Assembly and start-up of electric installations of supply and cable connections of measuring and control signals
  • Mechanical assembly of cable routes and cabling together with after-assembly measurements
    Assembly and test of optical fibre lines
  • Assembly of measuring pipes and pulse routes (including untypical materials and thermal treatment of welds) for measuring of temperatures, pressures, flows and levels
  • We are also performing assembling of object systems of industrial automation, cooperating with DCS master systems
  • We are offering complete solutions enabling optimization of combustion processes in power boilers


Our solutions:

The basis of our offer is the flexibility and the proposed solutions are always adapted to individual needs of the customer. Out technologies enable to meet high expectations and requirements of the customer. Close cooperation, both with research and scientific units and with leading suppliers of solutions in the scope of industrial automation, enables to offer to our customer a complex realization of services on the basis of actual technologies and standards. Our employees have authorizations enabling performance of works according to standards being in force in European Union (including individual requirements for Scandinavian and British markets and realization of assemblies in the explosion zones according to requirements of the ATEX Directive).


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Our potential:

We have necessary experience due to performed projects in relation with assembling of industrial automation for various industrial branches.



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