Our offer

On the basis of our technologies and projects as well as documentation of the customer we are rendering services in the scope of repairs and overhauls

Steam and gas turbines:

  • turbine cylinders (action and reaction)
  • cut-off and control valve bodies
  • nozzle boxes
  • clamping rings and steering discs with regeneration, mechanical machining
  • rotor disc vanes with regeneration or supply of new
  • vane shrouds
  • slide bearings with casting with bearing alloy, machining and NDT
  • rotors
  • shaft line correction

Revitalization of thick-walled elements of turbines for recovering of primary physical properties

  • turbine cylinders
  • cut-off valve bodies
  • control valve bodies
  • nozzle boxes

Revitalization of steering plates (including measurement of steering plate deflections), clamping rings and gland bodies, valve elements etc.

Complete overhaul of reactive sets of turbines (closed with shrink rings) in workshop conditions

Overhauls of turbine regulation systems both in mechanical and hydraulic systems and in electrohydraulic systems.

  • elements of cut-off and control valves: spindles, sleeves and valve mushrooms.

Overhauls and diagnostics of elements of regulation and protection systems of steam turbines on our hydraulic station, including:

  • Servomotors of control and cut-off valves
  • Rotational speed regulator
  • Extraction (exhaust) steam pressure regulator
  • Rotational speed safety regulator
  • Turbine trip blocks S-90
  • Reducing, overflow, safety valves and others
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Electrohydraulic converters, type TM-25LP, CPC , VOITH, PEH and proportional valves type VICKERS
  • Control boards
  • Digital regulators Woodward 505, 505e

Diagnostics and setting of steam turbine regulation systems on the object

Vibration diagnostics of turbine set operation, balancing of rotors in own bearings

Manufacturing and supply of spare parts:

Services of precise geodesy, laser and optical centering , levelling,

Overhauls of rotors: 

Comprehensive non-destructive tests (penetration, ultrasonic, magnetic etc.)

Honing and testing of central holes

Inspections, removal of mechanical damages of the vane system

Manufacturing and equipping with vanes new rotor discs

Overlaying welding of rotor shaft

Manufacturing and replacement

  • rotor discs
  • clutch sleeves
  • gland sleeves
  • oil throwers
  • gland seals
  • and all attached elements


Boring and honing of clutch openings with manufacturing, fitting of new clutch screws

Balancing of rotors at 300 rpm

Turning, grinding, polishing of:

  • bearing journals
  • oil scraper
  • gland sleeves
  • shrouds
  • gland seals (steel sheets + labyrinths)


  • Keep plates
  • External diameters and clutch fronts
  • Measurement paths for sensors

RUNOUT measurements

Rotor geometries (curvature) including their possible straightening

Repairs & Overhauls of engine room devices

Our offer

On the basis of our technologies and projects as well as documentation of the customer we are rendering services in the scope of repairs and overhauls of such devices as:

  • condensers
  • supply water, cooling water, condensate pumps
  • oil tanks
  • gland steam condensers
  • other oil and gas systems

The scope of our services includes also:

  • Supply of new devices for engine room
  • Assembly of new devices for engine room
  • Inspections, overhauls and diagnostics of engine room
  • Start-up and hand-over to operation of new assembled devices


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Our potential

  • We are presenting our offer to units operating and modernising power objects,
  • We have experienced overhaul teams, qualified fitters equipped with special devices and repair tools
  • The overhaul teams are supporting by complete design and technological, logistic, diagnostic, welding, machining resource base.
  • We are specialized in general overhauls and modernizations, requiring special technologies and overhaul tools


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