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We are extending our experience gained during 60 years of company’s activity, crossing the frames of available technology and knowledge, performing widely understood company development.
For this reason, thanks to the passion and engagement of our employees and scientific institutes, we are performing research and development activities, to supply innovative products and services to our customers.
Simultaneously we are obtaining financial support for the planned activities from funds of European Union as well as national funds. We are performing projects with support of Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Human Capital Operational Programme and Applied Research Programme.
We are realizing our undertakings in cooperation with Politechnika Warszawska, Politechnika Śląska, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Instytut Metalurgii Żelaza im. Stanisława Staszica and other scientific institutions and enterprises.
We are still open to national and international cooperation, for this reason we invite you to contact us:

Research and Development Division

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