Establishment of Zakład Remontowy Energetyki within a framework of multi-plant Southern Power Industry District.

The main orders carried out at that time were boilers and turbines  repaires with auxiliary equipment, regeneration and production of spare parts for power plants and transport of oversized equipment.


The initiative group of employees led to the privatization of the plant which resulted in the transformation into a commercial low company with business name Zakłady Remontowe Energetyki Katowice S.A.

Employees participation in the privatization of the company contributed to the preservation of jobs, also their concern for company image became a part of the company’s strategy.



Production Centre in Jaworzno was completed .It consists of six halls, blasting and paint shop.

World-class machines allow to make all sorts of machining treatments and production of construction.



Due to the wide range of services in the extensive grounds and in order to improve the efficiency of the management zoning was needed. Therefore, due to an increasingly broad range of services to EDF’s Rybnik an extra West Division starts its activity.



ZRE Katowice uses EU subsidies to be allocated to research and development, business expansion and staff training.

In order to extend  the scope of services the Pipeline Prefabrication Department starts its activity.

Launching of the Technologies Innovation Centre  in Jaworznie

Central Division in Warsaw starts its activity altogether with Branch in Ostrołeka.


Two operating branches  Łodz and Kozienice are being launched as a part od Central Division.

The establishment of the Offshore Department  allowed to become independent of the natural cyclical nature of the energy market and gain references in the new and growing field of industry.

ZRE Katowice organizes its  I Conference “The experience and innovativeness as a  respond to the changing directions of repairs and modernization of the energy sector.”


ZRE Katowice celebrates 60 years of business acivity .

The organization of the II Conference of ZRE Katowice “Innovative development bases on experience and tradition- 60 years of ZRE Katowice in power sector and heavy industry”



The organization of the III Conference of ZRE Katowice “Polityka remontowa polskiej energetyki – Co dalej z remontami?”



The organization of the IV Conference of ZRE Katowice “Energy 1.28”


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