Anti-corrosive services

Corrosion protection

We are offering comprehensive services in the scope of corrosion protection by means of attested linings.

Our offer

We are performing painting of steel structures with weight not exceeding 20 tonnes. This service can be a complement to our offer in the scope of manufacturing of machine and steel structures and machining, but it can be performed  individually on components supplied by the Customer.

Our offer includes

  • Removal of old layers
  • Surface preparation
  • Spreading of paints and anti-corrosion layers

We guarantee

  • High precision of applied paint layers thanks to modern application devices
  • Dust-free process
  • Large process performance due to possibility of temperature regulation in the painting and drying phase
  • Any kind of paints
  • Independence from climate conditions
  • Compliance with standards of European Union in the scope of environment protection

We have the top-class equipment ensuring precise and exact realization of orders. That are among others: compressors ATLAS COPCO WD-53, pneumatic cleaners, hydrodynamic painting generators GRACO, WAGNER, VIVA.

Our solutions

Professional surface preparation, our technology and experience guarantee perfect quality of paint layer. Depending on the purpose of painted components, our paint shop is using following paints:

  • epoxy
  • polyester
  • polyurethane

We propose to our customers painting with attested paints of renowned companies: FEIDAL, FEYCOLOR, GEHOLIT, HEMPEL. There is a possibility of painting in a broad range of colours – RAL and according to the needs and properties of painted components it is possible to obtain various types of surfaces and gloss grades.

We can offer to our customers also packing of painted components and their transportation.

Shot blasting

Increasing competition on the market of steel structures imposes on manufacturers necessity of increasing the quality of their products, mainly in the scope of quality of protective layers. In connection with the above, meeting expectations of the Customer, we propose additionally, as a supplement of our offer, abrasive blasting process.

Our offer

The offer includes shot blasting – process of removal from metal surfaces of:

  • rust
  • scale
  • varnishes
  • paints
  • others

Promoting environment friendly technologies, most of processes is performed in closed room. The vacuum in this room prevents against coming all impurities outside.

Our solutions

Closed circuit of abradant enables its multiple application (even one hundred times). This enable to reduce the problem of transportation and storage of clean abradant and after termination of the process – much less polluted material must be removed and scrapped.



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Our potential

We have a paint shop, in which parameters appropriate for a specific protection are maintained (temperature and humidity appropriate for a process).

Services are performed in a part separated from the manufacturing hall with dimensions: 41000mm x 11000mm x 10000mm [L. x W. x H.], by means of modern devices enabling spreading of environmental friendly paint layers.

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