Prefabrication of pipelines and bending of pipes

Within over fifty years of activity in the power industry and general industry in the scope of pipeline assembly we have learned that in order to maintain the leading position on still changing market, it is necessary to care for innovative character of products and technologies. Our previous offer concerning pipelines has been completed by pipe bending by means of induction method and cold bending, with heat treatment and prefabrication of pipeline elements, including shot blasting, painting and packing.
Expanding our Manufacturing Centre in Jaworzno we are not investing in machines, but in the value which is most important for us – satisfaction of the customer and professionally performed tasks (turnkey).

Hot bending of pipes

Machine for induction bending of pipes PB 1200R

  • Minimum diameter of bent pipes Dmin = 168,3 mmObraz1
  • Maximum diameter of bent pipes Dmax = 1 220 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness gmin = 5 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness gmax = 100 mm
  • Minimum bent radius Rmin = (0-90°) 400 mm
  • Maximum bent radius Rmax = (90-180°) 1750 mm
  • Maximum bent radius Rmax = 6400 mm
  • Bent radius α =180 °



Cold bending of pipesObraz2

Machine for cold bending of pipes CNC 220HD

  • Minimum diameter of bent pipes Dmin = 60,3 mm
  • Maximum diameter of bent pipes Dmax = 219,1 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness gmax = 12,5 mm for 219,1 mm gmax = 25 mm for 168,3 mm
  • Maximum bent radius Rmax = (0-90°) 100 mm
  • Maximum bent radius Rmax = 1100 mm
  • Bent radius α =180 °
  • Maximum length of bent pipe Lmax = 11000 mm



Pipe bending in 3D

The advantages of such bending system are: high accuracy of shape, less perimeter welds in relation to the conventional method and possibility of ordering of individual elbows.



Heat treatment

Electric furnace for heat treatment, 2 rods with cooling systems and basin for solution heat treatment.



  • Dimensions (L x S x H) 10 000 mm x 5 000 mm x 2 000 mm
  • Maximum temperature T = 1200°C
  • Maximum charge weight 25 000 kg




Pre-assembly of elements in spools

Department of Pre-assembly of Pipelines has a possibility of pre-assembly of finished pipeline systems in spools. All individual components of the pipeline, such as elbows, tees, diminishers, flanges and connector pipes are assembled into finished installation units according to requirements of the Customer.


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