The scope of activity includes various problems of diagnostics for the power industry and general industry, divided into design branch and technological branch. A constant element is international cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Our offer

The scope of offered services includes:

Diagnostics of rotating machines

  • measurement and analysis of dynamic state
  • dynamic balancing of rotors in own bearings
  • performing of measuring tracks RUNOUT
  • measurements of own frequencies of blades with analysis and determining of detuning
  • measurement of natural vibration frequency of machine rotors
  • control and setting of safety regulators on the test stand
  • measurement of body paws pressure on foundations
  • measurements and analysis of dislocation of devices and structure
  • permanent vibration diagnostics supervision of rotor machines
  • measurements and calculation analysis of failures of blade rotor machines

Diagnostics of boilers, valves and fittings and pipelines

  • evaluation of condition and residual lifetime of devices and power installations
  • professional consulting in the scope of methods of repair and regeneration of devices and industrial installations
  • measurements and tests of failure states of power devices and installations in order to detect real reasons of failure
  • analysis of failure conditions of power devices and installations in order to eliminate their occurrence and/or to minimize their results

Material diagnostics

  • performing of matrix replica
  • evaluation of material condition and the grade of its run down, with determination of residual life

Optical diagnostics

  • level measurement of installation and industrial structures devices
  • geodetic service of overhauls and investments
  • alignment of rotor machines
  • centring and control of rotor machines

Thermodynamic diagnostics of installation and power devices

  • thermodynamic measurements of installation and power devices
  • analysis of emergency states of power devices on the basis of thermodynamic measurements
  • processing and analysis of block measurements of blocks according to requirements of the orderer

Diagnostics of control and regulation systems

  • measurements and determining of characteristics of steam turbines control systems
  • analysis and verification of abnormalities connected with operation of turbine control systems
  • operation of control systems in the scope of controllers and their software
  • updating of control systems


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Our potential

Our activity is based upon professional knowledge and 60 years experience.

We are performing out tasks by means of our own special equipment and well-qualified team. We have modern hydraulic devices for horizontal and vertical transport (portable cranes and units for vertical transportation).

We are helping our customers by solving problems regardless of the place, time and date. We are available and open to our customer’s wishes – performing tasks countrywide and abroad.



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