About ZRE

60 years of bussiness activity

ZRE Katowice is a modern enterprise with upper 65 years of experience on the energy market.

The period of 65 years of our activity is an evolution in three dimensions. Firstly, the company employs dozens of people has become a large company with nearly 1,800 people and  equipped with a large technical facilities located in Jaworzno. Secondly, a facility established as repair facilities for the Southern District developed into technological engineering company ready to meet the toughest complex challenges  in the energy field. Thirdly, from a local company ZRE became present in many countries in Europe and beyond. What distinguishes us is – apart from personnel and technology – a unique know-how based on experience gained during the implementation of projects for Polish and foreign customers.

The motto of our company is to build modernity on the basis of experience and the current level of technology, as well as flexibility and openness to the needs of our Customers. Over 65 years of our activity we have gained knowledge in the scope of assembly, modernization and retrofitting of devices and power industry systems. We have a qualified staff and all the necessary resources enabling us to execute projects at every stage.

We offer comprehensive services in carrying out “turnkey” projects – from design through delivery, installation,  control – measurement and automation systems to commissioning and start-up, also including further warranty services.

We have offices in the United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, coordinating our projects in the EU and the Balkans. performing tasks for clients across Europe: UK, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Croatia,   Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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