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Welding training: training of welders for obtaining qualifications in accordance with the requirements of standards EN ISO 9606 in the methods *:

141 (TIG) – welding with a tungsten electrode in a shield of inert gases,

135 (MAG) – solid wire welding in the shield of active gases,

136 – welding with flux cored wire,

138 – welding with metallic wire,

131 (MIG) – welding with a wire in the shield of inert gases

111 (MMA) – welding with coated electrodes

114 – welding with self-shielding wire

311 – acetylene oxygen gas welding,

Welding machine operator – acc. EN ISO 14732 standards
12 – submerged arc welding,
78 – arc welding pins – EN ISO 14555

Welding of thermoplastics – acc. EN 13067 standards

942 – Soft soldering

912 – Hard brazing acc. EN ISO 13585 standards

81 – Thermal cutting with oxygen – a gas burner

83 – Plasma cutting – manual and mechanized

* numerical markings of welding processes acc. EN ISO 4063 standards


vocational training:

assembly and supervision of assembly at flange connections in pressure systems posing a particular threat – acc. PN EN 1591-4 (more information)
heat treatment of welded joints,
UTB service (near transport equipment) forklifts,
excluding specialized II WJO UDT forklift trucks specialized (with variable overhang) cat. I WJO UDT
overhead cranes controlled from the working level cat. II S UDT overhead cranes controlled from the cat. category I S UDT hoists and winches controlled from a working level and stationary cranes – cat. II W UDT hoists and winches controlled from working level or from the cabin and stationary cranes – I W UDT Mobile platforms – cat. II P UDT Mobile movable platforms: – I P UDT  

other trainings:
first aid,
fire protection And fire extinguishers,
methodology of conducting workplace training,
safe operation of slings

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