Location: Kraków, Wrocław

Deadline: 30.06.2017

The works associated with upgrade of OP 380 boilers at EdF Kraków and EdF Wrocław are already in progress. ZRE Katowice is involved in execution of these jobs as a subcontractor of Instal Kraków. The objectives of the upgrade include erection of the system for reduction of NOx emission. The scope of jobs ordered to SRE Katowice includes:

  • Engineering jobs – design of corner panels, bents for both top and bottom overfire air system (OFA), pressure parts and furnace lining, design of air ducts.
  • Supplies of new corners for screens of the combustion chamber with bents for OFA nozzles and for ignition burners, components for secondary suspensions and secondary supports of burners, bents of evaporator piping for new OFA nozzles, new air ducts, materials for thermal insulation.
  • Field jobs necessary for erection, disassembling of old ones and installation of newly designed and supplied components. The deadline for completion of these projects is scheduled to 30th June 2017.