Strabag – assembly and erection projects

Location: Rybnik

On 20th August 2014 the next contract with YARA Environmental Technologies GmbH was signed for assembly and erection jobs on system for mitigation of nitrogen oxides emission. The project refers specifically to assembly of pipelines for two systems for reduction of NOx emission at the Electric Power Plant in Białystok. The schedule assumes completion of the contractual jobs by the end of 2014.

Another project for Strabag is also in progress in Rybnik. The project is of much larger volume since it assumes erection of two systems for mitigation of NOx emission and the scope of jobs includes:

  • Construction of pipelines along with all supplies.
  • Installation of all relevant equipment.
  • Installation of catalytic devices.
  • Replacement of draughts fans in the flue gas.

Upgrade of the last of four boilers at the Electric Power Plant in Łaziska is now in progress, where ZRE Katowice is involved in assembly and installation of the system for reduction of NOx emission and the company takes responsibility for delivery and erection of steel structures, flue gas and air ducts, installation of catalytic devices, assembly of pipelines and other technological equipment.