In the first stage we verify the submitted candidates in terms of meeting their requirements for a given position. Then, we will contact selected candidates to invite them for an interview.


The next step is to interview the candidate with a representative of the Department of Human Resources Management. At this stage, all the information contained in the submition form is supplemented.


Candidates who have successfully gone through the earlier stages of recruitment, are welcomed to meet the manager of the Department for whom the recruitment is processed. At the meeting all the responsibilities and the nature of work is presented to the candidate.


The nature of the company as well as the specific nature of the industry means that we employ mainly specialists in the field of installation, repair, welding, engineers and technicians, who have experience with the installation, modernization and repair of equipment, and power and industrial installations. We place in our  crew  students, graduates of technical and trade schools, higher education institutions who want to tie their future to the energy sector and industrial construction.

To apply for this job you must complete the online application form (available in all of the descriptions candidate profile)

Also remember to give a  written consent to the processing of personal data:

“I hereby authorize you to process my personal data included in my job submition, necessary for the recruitment process conducted now or in the future (in accordance with the Law dated. 1997.08.29 on the protection of personal data Dz. U. No 133, item. 833).”

We reserve the right to respond to selected offers.

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