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Rotors Project

Rotors Project

Full name: Monitoring of operational usage and optimization of repair process of steam turbines
Project No. POIG.01.03.01-14-074/12
Purpose of the project

Elaboration of methodology of monitoring of technical and functional condition of power rotors of steam turbines and forecasting of safe time of their operation.

Term of realization: 01.04.2013 – 31.06.2015

Project value: 3 470 309 PLN
Participation of European Union: 1 850 000 PLN
Project co-funded by European Union from European Regional Development Fund

Leader: Politechnika Warszawska
Business consortium member: ZRE Katowice S.A.
The effect of the project will be optimization of overhaul and modernization process of rotors, leading to increasing of life and failure-free operation of power devices, consisting in a profound analysis of working conditions, actual dynamic and resistance conditions as well as material diagnosis.

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