Length & Angle Measurement Laboratory

• Calibration of calender devices (vernier calipers, depth gauges, altimeters)
• Calibration of micrometric instruments (micrometers, micrometric depth gauges, micrometer heads)
• Calibration of 90 ° angle brackets
• Calibration of universal and construction protractors
• Calibration of construction, machine scale and frame levels
• Calibration of clock gears and diatests
• Calibration of sensor gauges
• Calibration of diameters (fixed, folded, 2-point with dial indicator, 3-point)
• Calibrations of feeler gauges (flap, tape, wedge)
• Calibration of ring gauges, plain pistons
• Calibration of ring gauges, piston rod tests
• Calibration measures (wound, ribbon, semi-rigid, rigid)
• Calibration of reference plates
• Calibration of measuring rollers
• Calibration of gauges
• Regeneration of measuring plates

Horizontal gauge Trimos Horizon Premium.

Stand for calibration of threaded and smooth gauges.

TESA dual temperature comparator for calibrating reference plates.

Stand for calibrating steel angles in the range up to 1000mm

Stand for calibration of measuring plates using the Wyler BlueLevel spirit level.

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